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Front left wheel loose...

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2001 CLK 430...

The front left wheel is slightly loose - has a tiny bit of play when up on a lift.

I thought I needed an alignment until it was on the lift and I found the wheel had some play in it.

Is this a simple bearing swap out, or is it the hub, or knuckle?

I'm pretty much planning on doing it myselft, unless I hear that it's too much of a hassle for a back yard mechanic.

Any thoughts / advice on this?

BTW, I'm running stock 17" AMG chromies with RENNTech suspension.

Before I had the wheels pulled & tires replaced, I had absolutely NO shaking, though the car did pull to the left quite a bit.
I had uneven wear on the front wheels, particularly the left one, with the outside heavily worn.

I took the car back and had the wheels rebalanced, and still moderate steering wheel shaking between 40 - 70 mph.

Thanks for any feedback on this!
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I'm glad you posed the question. I have a 2001 CLK too and I have what seems like excessive play in both front wheels, expecially the wheel on the passenger side. I don't have any symtoms of pulling or vibration, but when I had mine on a lift last month, the wheel movement both left and right was more than I had expected. I'm not familar with the tie rod assemble on the clk and didn't know it the variances or what is considered normal.
I have the same problem you described and was curious if you replaced your drag link assembly yet? It doesn't look like a difficult job for a DIYer. I've seen the part advertised from $150-$200.

I've done tie rods and steering shocks on the other MBs but not the CLK

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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