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My parking lights in the front of my 12 C350 with lighting package are not the same color. One side is like a blue color and the drivers side is more of a greenish white color. They simply don't match. I am not talking about the bottom DRL lights. I am talking about the flourescent looking "C" shaped lamps in the headlight housing. It annoying and looks stupid.

So the dealer replaced the LED Voltage control modules that are attached to the bottom of the headlamp housing assemblies. These module provide voltage to the LED assemblies in the headlamp housings AND the DRL LED strips in the lower facia. This made NO difference.

So it is apparent to me that the LED bulbs are simply a slightly different color temperature from one side to the other.

So I took a look around myself and to my surprise found an obvious access hole to behind the LED "C" lights. I can see abunch of wires in there but don't see anything obvious about changing LED bulbs.

Does anyone know if the LEDs are replaceable through this back access door?

They put an access hole there for good reason. There is also another access hole for replacement of the Xenon bulb. This is whta intrigued me as there is definitely 2 holes and one is for sure to get to the LED lights.
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