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W116 450 SEL 1979 W111 220S 1962
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How do I remove the front suspension in one solid piece?

  1. Loosen & remove pitman arm from steering box (after marking its position)
  2. Remove idler arm
  3. Remove the fat beam (removable girder) at end of engine (1st pic)
  4. Remove the lower control arms from the fixed girder below the oil pan (2nd pic)
  5. Loosen and remove upper control arm (no pic)
  6. Remove brake booster
  7. Remove the balance rod (3rd pic)
  8. PS I assume the yellow plastic in the pic is hides a gaping hole that facilitates extraction of the balance rod. True?
Please correct me if I am mistaken
Then I hope I just need to undo the brake pipes and the whole front end would drop off ready to install in reciepent car.


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