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front coil springs/shocks

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hi all,looking for some help to cure my bouncy gwagon problem. 1993 150k mls 300gel .just have it 4weeks and love it but it is very bouncy on the front and leans a little on right front.i noticed back springs have been replaced by two new ones with orange/yellow markings,front springs look origional and a little rusty.should i replace front ones would this solve my problem and if so with what colour markings.. wagon is used mainly for road use,v little off road.
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Hello Jim, the springs do tire over the years and new springs
sure make a difference in the quality of the ride.
I stock new springs in three different rates according to
your taste and how you use the truck, call me if I can help.
Warren 450 227 8972
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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