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2013 SL550
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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you can help me. Over the weekend, I parked the SLK in the parking space with a concrete slab that has two steel rod protuding on each ends to hold it in place. The slab was placed there so that you wouldn't hit the curb. I drove all the way up to the slab without knowing that the front bumper went beyond and got caught in one of the protruding rod. Since my car has the sport suspension (but does not have the AMG Package)it somehow got hooked on this rod easily. As I backed up, I heard a loud poping sound and nearly fainted thinking that my front had came off. It didn't but the bumper was bent and scratched. My request is if you would go to your SLK and feel the bottom of your front bumper and please let me know how it is connected. Is it seamless underneath or just hangs out so that it can caught easily? It seems like the bumper now is loose and is missing something. Thank you very much for your help as always!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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