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From 323i to C240, should I?

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I know that's a stupid post on a mercedes forum but I need some advice. I'm new to this forum and new to mercedes in general. I have a 99 323i and love that car, BUT, I have fallen in love with another car C240. Looking at the specs it looks like the 323i beats C240 in most categories. The body style of the C240 is what I really like. <br>
Here's my question. If I go through with buying a C240, can I get a car with the sport package, sunroof, and sound system with changer for under 35K?<br>
Any help would be appreciated.<br>
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Well you can check the price by building your car through MBUSA...

MB Dealers are not allowed to sell above MSRP.

It seems to me you could get it for under $35K, not including any tax or license. Roughly, the car is 30, plus 700 destination, plus $3000 for sport pack, $1400 for sunroof pack and $500 for CD changer (if you mail order it from places like That's around $35,600, it seems like dealers are dealing a little so you might be able to lower that somewhat to get right under $35,000.<br> <br> But, if you live in a place like California, you'd have to add about $3500 for tax and registration, in which case you'd blow well past $35K. If you live in Oregon, with no sales tax and low registration, you probably could do it.<br> <br> As a performance car or sports sedan, the 323i would beat the C240 in just about every category. I found that my C240 6 speed felt significantly slower than the 323i, and didn't handle as well. But, it does a lot of other things better, it rides better, is quieter, has a nicer interior and exterior, and generally has more features.
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