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I test drove the 2002 320 wagon last week at my local Mercedes dealership. I just purchased a new Jeep Liberty last month and cruised up to Minnesota and back to Dallas Texas this week. During the 2000 mile trip I kept daydreaming about the the 320 I drove. When I got back into town I immediately went back to the dealership and purchased a silver 320 wagon. I will pick it up tomorrow. I hope my wife loves the Jeep because I'm planning on spending my driving time in the Benz.<br>
The wagon is replacing my 2001 Corvette. I know that's a pretty drastic change, but I also have a 1962 Vette in the garage. Besides, the wife and I are planning on having more kids soon. Two seaters are tough on family activities. I ordered 18' wheels and Yokos this morning. I couldn't give up the mean look of 18-inchers on my ride. I guess that's the die hard Vette-Blood in me. <br>
I'll keep you posted on the transition. <br>
Check out the pics.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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