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Free Wide Body Kit anyone...

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Hi guys,
I am currently looking for a C-klass to design the new AS Design Wide Body kit on. Currently I'm working on a 2007 SLK55 for a new line of Wide Body kits. The kit design is symilar to the CLK63 Black Series, I had my hands on a black series & splashed some molds off the parts.


-Need the car for 2-3 months Max.
-Front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear 1/4's & rear bumper will be replaced.
-For letting us borrow the car you will receive the first kit for free.

Owners responsibilities:
-owner will be responsible to have all parts painted.
Damages on owners vehicle;
-The front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear 1/4 panels & rear bumper will be damaged; but replace with the new kit.

Kit quality;
-Kit will be made of high grade fiberglass & vacuum bagged with aircraft grade epoxy.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,
Albert S.
[email protected]
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You can see a few pix on my web site. but most of my work is on regular potos in my album. I have over 8years of experience, worked on most exotic cars you can think of. I was one of the 5 guys to do all the exposed carbon on the first 10 Saleen S7's, Designed & fabricated parts for, Ferrari F50, F40, 355sypder, Morgan Aero 8's, Falcon sponsered Mustang, Murcialago, Diablo SV, Formula Ford's etc... I have some pix on my myspace if you'd like. - AS_Design - 26 - Male - California -

p.s. Vehicle will also be at the SEMA show with our SLK55 Wide Body.

Kind regards,
Albert S.

lol...Thanks for the look out ;)
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