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Free Smart Battery Charger!

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Here's a good deal for any 129'er in the UK. If, like me, you buy 'Practical Classics' magazine regularly, you might like to consider a 'years' subscription (actualy 13 issues) because, for a short time only, for the cover price of about £4.20 x 13 = £54.60 they'll send you a free Ctek Smart Battery Charger / Maintainer worth £60 :). Just the job for keeping your battery alive over the winter storage. Just buy this months issue, and all details are inside, so you can make up your own mind.

A couple of words of warning, it's probably a bit small to charge a 129 battery from flat, but it certainly will do the job of maintaining a healthy battery fitted into the car. (It's guaranteed not to upset electronics). And although they do quote an overseas subscription for the excellent magazine, you'll have to check on input voltage.

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