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its coronavirus season and somebody actually thought about it...........

It has been realised that with many garages closed by coronavirus and many more will close because most garages are small one or two person operations.... it will become almost impossible to get an MOT (I had the problem on thursday 25th march)

So..... if your MOT due date, NOTE it is its DUE DATE and not if it has already run out, is from Monday 30th march ONWARDS.....

Book an MOT for 6months later......... so if its due 5th April, phone your local MOT station and book an MOT for OCTOBER 5th... EXACTLY 6 MONTHS LATER........ then go online and register it.... lo and behold your EXISTING valid MOT now is VALID FOR 6 MONTHS MORE.

Insurers WILL accept this extension IF REGISTERED and you CAN TAX IT within the 6 month extension.

Note it ONLY applies if yours is DUE and NOT EXPIRED ALREADY.

IF it HAS EXPIRED.... you must SORN it (even if parked on a road) and NOT USE IT until it is MOT'd AXED and INSURED

Penalties for abusing it will be at the SEVERE end of the scale.

The system will keep extending whilst coronavirus is a problem

Nice that they told everybody isn't it

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