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1999 E320, 2003 E320 Wagon, 2005 C230K SS, 2010 Accord LX w Eibach & Koni FSD's
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Lol.......I got the same color too. I hated it at first. It's growing on me. Advantage is bronzing window trim blends in 馃榾

1998 W210 E280
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Hi, and welcome to the forum. Nice looking car my man.

Tell me, does your wife have any single sisters? :) Maybe I can score a car as well.

I cant offer much, but what i have been through or needed since I have my w210. Get yourself a decent diagnostic scanner, it helps when problems arise. Get yourself a transmission dipstick as these cars dont have one as standard and you will need one when you do the transmission oil.

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Ok, I've gone through all available service records and plan on doing the following things in the following order. I'll be getting a shop to do the labor, but will be buying the right parts so I know they are quality. I'm at 104k miles.
  1. Oil/Filter
  2. Trans fluid and filter (kit on FCPEuro)
  3. New Key
  4. Engine/Transmission mounts (AutoHauz)
  5. Crankshaft position sensor
  6. Spark plugs
  7. Fuel Filter
  8. Brake fluid flush
  9. Differential fluid
Things already done (high points)
  1. Harmonic Balancer (1/6/2006 @ 34,851)
  2. MAF (10/16/2006 @ 36,618)
  3. Front rotors (12/14/2007 @ 39,143)
  4. Power steering fluid (3/20/2014 @ 66,259)
  5. Front brake pads (10/22/2015 @ 80,419)
  6. Serpentine belt (12/3/2016 @ 86,445)
  7. New battery and Oil Change (9/13/2018 @ 95,642)
As always, hit me with some knowledge or suggestions. I'm all ears!
What part of NC are you from. I am located in NC and have an 2001 E320 210.082 4-Matic. The AWD is nice in the NC mountains in the wintertime. I have 188k on the clock.

It is any indication of my fondness for the W210, this is my third, and first six cylinder in a W210. Other two were V8s (E55 AMGs) and I can honestly say all three have been wonderful. The E55s I sold a while back but neither one had to see the inside of the dealer for work. They went through tires faster than your average car, but were very well made and trouble-free vehicles.

1998 Mercedes-Benz e430 (104k miles)
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@260e crusier
I鈥檒l definitely add those to the list. I actually don't mind the color. It's un-exciting but I kind of like it being closer to a "sleeper" since most people won't know it has a v8 under the hood.

I looked up the paint color too when I was searching for a tow hook cover. Definitely didn鈥檛 expect the smoke silver metallic color!

Lol, only one other sister and she鈥檚 married. I鈥檒l probably be hiring out most of the labor until I can get my 鈥渟hop鈥 up and running in the new house. With 3 young kids I don鈥檛 have a lot of time (or energy) to tackle bigger car projects anymore :(

Jealous of your awd! I鈥檓 located in Macon, GA now. My father in law lives in Greensboro and has for the last 35 years.
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