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Guys wanted to give a heads up on a car being parted out. I purchased a lower seat cushion/cover with heater and base for about 190 + 15 shipped. Item was in excellent condition.

The car only has about 71K miles and is located in Portland ORE. Silver with anthracite interior. Seems to have heated/Xenons with washers. The company will take apart anything and ship it. Seems to have most of the interior and exterior parts. Mechanical stuff seems pretty much intact including engine/rims/etc. Body looks ok except for the front quarter panel. Bumpers look good and it still has the skirts. All glass intact and the airbags don't look blown.

They removed and basically took apart the seat pan as a complete unit so it was easy to install. The person (below) was extremely responsive to any inquiry and will send detailled pictures. My drivers seat bottom was damaged with the wrong conditioner and I wet it (not good) so the leather and dye were ruined. The replacement was looks nearly new - some minor nothings but its plump and the leather was in excellent condition.

The contact name and company:

Alex Kondor - Sales
503.505.6257 - Office
"We Buy Cars Too!"

His email is : [email protected]
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