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2001 E430 4Matic
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After a lot of searching on the internet I have been completely unable to find the Cradle Eliminator Cable for my W210 (Part No. Q6820976) or any cradle with cable (part No. Q6820771 or Q6820770) for the center console telephone hookup. All listings I've seen for compatible V60/V60S cradles don't seem to include any sort of cable for connecting to the pre-wiring, and it seems like all the places mentioned around the forum that sold this stuff no longer sell them. All links in Google that come up for a search of that part number seem to be dead-ends as well. I'm installing the system in my car and this is the only piece I cannot locate.

TL;DR: Looking for a Cradle Eliminator Cable (Q6820976) or a V60/V60S cradle (part No. Q6820771 or Q6820770) with the cord for hooking into the center console's pre-wired cradle connector.

If I missed some obvious place that sells one of these, please do let me know. Please DM me if you have one you'd like to sell, I'll cover shipping.
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