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Found a nice one!

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i dont really have any experience with the CL class as we have always owned the E class...are they reliable? we found a silver/gray 2000 CL500 with 38k miles for $21,990. is that good? good car? opinions?
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I just bought an 03 CL500 for $26K last month. 34K miles, AMG sport package, keyless-go, and trunk opener. I know I could have found a cheaper 03, but this car was as close to perfect as one can be. Silver with Black interior. I know I may face some expensive maintenance in the future, but I am loving this car so far. This car is getting more looks and comments than many other cars in our high rise's garage costing twice or three times as much... Can't wait to drive it again tomorrow!!! :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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