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Found a nice one!

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i dont really have any experience with the CL class as we have always owned the E class...are they reliable? we found a silver/gray 2000 CL500 with 38k miles for $21,990. is that good? good car? opinions?
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2000 is the first generation there for they're prone to problems, ABC suspension, seals around windows, and so on, find a 2003, better yet 2004 and up
that's not a good deal. you can probably find an '03 600 (bi-turbo engine) for under 25k at this point. but remember, there's a reason they appear to be a "good deal". You've got to have the money to maintain them. Scads of stories about electrical and ABC problems. I went in with eyes wide open, and I was still shocked by the repair bills. Great cars though. Nothing sexier in my opinion. A beautiful car and if you buy the 600 you'll constantly be getting envious stares at traffic lights.

He is right, spends a little extra cheese and you'll get more power with better reliability

CL55 and CL600 from 03 and up are great powerful Benz
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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