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W126 1990 500SE (ASR) & W126 1991 300SE
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I own a few W126s and plan to buy another soon. I would love to see a sticky in the W126 forum where users can check registrations or VINs with other users. So, if I see a car for sale, I could go there to the sticky, post the detiails of the car, and check if any of our members know the history of the vehicle. I think the best idea would be to only allow the posting of the vehicle information, and then if anyone has information to share, they can do it by private message. That way, the sticky would simply be a series of posted vehicle data, which would make it easy for other users to go through and check.

A car of mine that was once written off, has recently come onto the market. I hold a lot of the paperwork and history for it, and this might be useful to the new owner. It could also be useful to know that it was actually written off, in case they are not already aware!

Obviously the idea could be rolled out to other forums, but I think it would be of particular use amongst classic enthusiasts where there are fewer vehicles about.
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