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1995 W140
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Hi all. I was Pewhipadus = the name of a Greek God who’s been married too long.
Well, I did something about it! Kept the 140 S500, the Vanden Plas, got myself an MGB, a Gibson Byrdland, and all for trading in an ex-wife. Such a deal!!!

I’ve always loved this site. One of the most organized, easy to navigate, full of great MB info and the envy of other moniker owners… including me! I wish there was a site of this caliber for Jaguar Cars.

Anyway, this old dog had to crawl under the basement stairs and lick his wounds, but I’m back and ready for a fight. Don’t believe me? Just call me Pewhipadus!!!

Glad and proud to be back,
Vic from Florida
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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