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If you have Depo projector headlight and are not happy with its light quality, I offer upgrade w/ Hella lens (used in the new W211) retrofit.

PM me for price.


I think I would receive the following by next week:

- 3 (probably 4) Pairs of Hella projector from the W211.
- 1 Pair of Hella xenon projector from the BMW 5 series, with bulb holder.
- 1 Pair of Hella bi-xenon projector from the 2004 W211 E55
- 1 Pair of Stanley projector from the Lexus RX330
- 2 Pairs of Philips D2S 4300K
- 1 Pair of Bosch ballast (from the same E55)
- 1 Stanley Ballast.

Except for the Stanley projector from the Lexus, all are 90mm projector, so they fit the Depo shroud (chrome ring) perfectly. All should be in good condition.

If you have Depo headlight, and are not happy with its quality, you can upgrade. PM me for price and install fee.

The easiest (and probably most economical sense), is simply upgrade the Depo projector with the Hella lens from the W211. This and Philips Blue Vision is more than sufficient to lighten up the road and give your headlight the purple look from angle/away. If you go w/ Philips Vision Plus (I think I have one pair), it's closet to HID in term of brightness.

Next step is to upgrade w/ the Hella projector from the BMW. You must upgrade to Xenon ballast/bulb, it's best if you have them already (to save cost). This would require (quite) more work, to fit the base of the projector into the Depo housing

Next step is to upgrade w/ the reputable E55 bi-xenon projector. I would recommend keeping the halogen H7 highbeam as well, that way, high beam will be w/ both xenon and halogen, bright as aircraft landing light

I don't know how the Lexus projector will fit into the Depo shroud, gotta wait til I receive it to know. Anyone who have seen the RX light at night know how good it is.

I only recommend Philips/Osram 4300K bulb. Anything higher is mostly for show, at the sacrify of lighting brightness.

As for now, I've received rsrv from 4 persons. Those who've contact or dealed with me know that even if you snipe on eBay on the last second, chance is you still pay more on the eBay deal . Btw, those w/ rsrv to have part installed take higher priority w/ purchasing only (since I make almost no money on them). Instruction is always free

I'll wait til I receive the shipping before I confirm.

Will post pix next week.

S, GL, Escalade ESV, my shoes
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It turn out I have quite a few PM, but didn't check. Apologize to those who PM me and I have not responded.

For contact me, pls email me at [email protected]

To make it short, the Depo lens is pathetic, the Hella lens is the same size as the Depo one, and would fix most, if not all of the problems the Depo lens: weak light, unevent beam, hot spot. And yes, it's a lot of work to fit the Hella lens to the Depo headlight. I'm only selling the version of Hella projector that I know fit the Depo headlight (lenght & mount at the shroud)

I'm charging 50-70% less than what other charge for retroffting projector. The Depo is a PITA to open and retrofit light

I'm just copying here what I've been sending to other, for question, pls email me.



- W211 Hella projector: $100/pair
- BMW 5 serie xenon projector: $150/pair
- E55 bi-xenon projector: $200/pair
- D2S Philips 4300K: $70/pair
- RX330 projector: $130/pair
- Bosch xenon ballast: $220/pair
- Stanley ballast: $80/each

You've probably done enough research to know that this is pretty much
rock bottom price. Not to mention I only stock thing that I know will fit
Depo headlight (except the RX330). Also, it's worth to know that with reputable lens like Hella, if you upgrade to xenon, it'll even your headlight a purple look from far away, but bright & white close on, with 4300K bulb (brightest & recommend !!), there's no need to run high temperature bulb for that immitate purple light.

For retrofitting, it's lot of work to retrofit the lens, and way more work
to retrofit an entire projector in, since the base don't match. If you think you can do it & enjoy working on your car, then I recommend that you do it yourself (part purchased from me or else where). However, there're (many) cases when people
screw up, and it cost them (and me) more time and money to fix problem, so
it's all personal call.

Service fee is as follow:

- Seal projector (most Depo leak, cause condensation when rain): $20
- Install Hella lens: $100/pair.
- Retrofit BMW Xenon projector: $160/pair (no charge on sealing)
- Retrofit E55 bi-xenon projector: $170/pair (have to slice wire for
bi-xenon, no charge on sealing).
- Retrofit ballast: $30-60/pair, depend on ballast
- Bulb: free
- Retrofit RX330: don't know :), have to try the job myself to see how
hard it is first, since the Depo shroud won't fit.

W211 Hella Projector

BMW Hella Projector

W211 E55 Bi-xenon

Bosch Ballast

Philips 4300K D2S Bulb

Stanley Ballast

My car Headlight, with Hella Bi-xenon retrofit

Light at night, a world better than the POS Depo
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