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In less than a year, Israeli siege of Gaza Strip claimed the lives of my grandfather and my aunt. Two losses in a single household among hundreds others throughout Gaza.

My aunt died yesterday in a helpless Gazan hospital struck with power shortage and unavailability of medicines. She had been suffering for more than a year now but her health deteriorated faster when she ran out of medication.

I phoned my mother but she was unable to speak and only wept through the call. She lives in Jordan and it's been years since she last visited her family in Gaza, thanks to Israeli closures and collective punishment of one million and five hundred thousand people.

I'd like to phone my grandmother but what shall I say??? She's an old lady who witnessed in a few months the death of her husband and daughter. What does she have on her mind? Does she wish she dies before she runs out of medications too because it would be less painful?

I feel numb. I don't know what to say or what exactly I feel. I only hope each Israeli gets what he/she deserves... No more, no less. I wish the same for their Arab allies, namely the Abbas-led Palestinian Authority in Ramalla and the Egyptian government.
Unfortunately, your thread has become contentious to the point where my sentiments seemed out of place so I choose to start afresh.

Please accept my sympathy on the loss of your family members. I am so far outside of your world that I can't pretend to understand the forces at work but I do hope you make the effort to speak with your Grandmother. You are her family and any contact has to be better than none at all, especially in these circumstances.

My best wishes for the future go to you and your family.


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I could not agree more with that post Dig replied to Tahloube .

Do contact your Grandmother at now other time can I think off that she needs contact from the loved ones more than Now yeah yeah you may just get a earful of crying however really it will do a world of good just to "Be there" at such a trying time...

From the real me deep down I wish the best Tahloube the best.
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