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92 400E, 90 VW Rabbit Convertible
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I have a Black/Black 1992 400E Automatic with 240k It ran great until it quit one day about 10 months ago. I was going all through the engine trying to find the problem and i never considered the wiring being bad until this week.

I am willing to sell parts or the whole car.

Most everything is in decent condition:

The engine ran great until the wires went so if you put a new harness on it you have a good engine. Its dirty but it barely used any oil and ran smooth and quiet. It had good compression last I checked. The exhaust is solid and has no leaks or rust.

All the belt driven things work except maybe the AC Compressor. I dont have cold air and Im not sure why. It could be anything.

The transmission is a 4 speed auto and has never given me any problems. The drivetrain is all good.

The body is dinged up but doesnt have any rust anywhere. All the glass except the windshield is good and not cracked. The light housings are in decent condition.

The interior is in fair condition. The dash has no cracks, but the wood inserts are very cracked. Carpet is clean. Im keeping the seats and power seat controls to make a living room set unless you buy the whole car. The sunroof works and doesnt leak.

The suspension and steering is good except I dont know if I have the rear stabilization system or if it works. How do I tell? Also there is a leak somewhere toward the top of the power steering system.

The ABS does not work at all, but the brakes themselves work great.

5 straight wheels with minimal curb rash 15x7 8 hole silver paint. Im keeping the tires.

Ill take pictures just tell me what you want pics of. I would like to wait a couple weeks before I sell any parts to see if I can sell it whole but you can go ahead and ask about anything. If youre interested PM, Reply, or Email me at squirrels999 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I also have a 99.9% new set of caps and rotors for an M119 check here:

92 400E, 90 VW Rabbit Convertible
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Mostly Complete Parts List. It is a 100% complete car so I still may have what you need even if it isnt listed.

-anything without a description hasnt been inspected yet-

Engine Bay:
Incomplete Engine - 4.2L M119 1992 emissions non California - All mechanicals from oil pan to valve covers and TB are there but without wiring harness and external electronics
External Engine Electronics - afaik all worked when parked
Intake And Decorative Panel - a couple missing clamps but no damage
Exhaust Manifolds - no leaks or rust beyond normal surface rust
Exhaust - no leaks or rust beyond normal surface rust
Alternator - worked when parked
PS Pump - worked when parked
AC Compressor - may or may not work - air doesnt blow cold and I never checked into why
Starter - worked when parked
Belt Driven Fan - worked when parked
Fan Shroud -
Electric Fans - worked when parked
Radiator -
AC Condenser -
Fuse Panel -

Body Mechanicals:
Transmission - 1992 400E 4 speed auto - worked great with fresh fluid and filter when parked
Driveshaft -
Differential -
Axles -
Brake Rotors -
Calipers -
Master Cylinder -
Brake Booster -

Interior/Trunk: Black/Medium Wood
Dash - no cracks or stains
Gauge Panel - worked when parked
Ignition Switch - worked when parked
Steering Column Switches - worked when parked
Seat Belts - no rips but slow to retract
Sun Visors - no stains or tears
Speakers - worked when parked
Interior Carpet - no stains or tears
Trunk Carpet - no stains or tears
Trunk Latch - worked when parked

Body Panels: Black (No rust on anything at all)
Hood - no dents or scratches
Chrome Grille Surround - no dents or scratches
Trunk - needs paint, no dents
Both Fenders - both have a couple tiny dents
Front Pass Door - light scratches no dents
Rear Pass Door - light scratches no dents
Rear Driver Door - a few small dents
Sunroof - no dents or scratches
Gas Lid - no dents or scratches
Rear Bumper - no cracks or scratches

Body Parts:
Both Mirrors - light scratches on housing - no cracks or scratches on glass
Wiper Arm & Mechanism - worked when parked
Wiper Motor - worked when parked
Horn - worked when parked
Fuel Tank - no rust dents or holes
Wheels - 5 15x7 silver painted 8 hole - decent paint and moderate curb rash on 2 of them

Driver Front Window - small chip on top edge
Pass Front Window - no scratches or chips
Driver Rear Window - no scratches or chips
Pass Rear Window - no scratches or chips
Rear Fixed Windows - no scratches or chips
Back Window - no scratches or chips
Both Headlights - no cracks or scratches
Driver Front Amber - 1 small spiderweb
Pass Front Amber - very minor cracks

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