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For Sale: Front/Rear Bumpers/Rocker Moulding (W203)2002 C320

I will be taking the (Classic Package)Front/Rear Bumpers and Rocker Moulding off my (W203) 2002 C320 in a few weeks. I'm guaging interest in buying the parts.
My car currently has 24,455 miles on it. The Front Bumper will come with all 3 grills and license plate bracket(W/O Impact Strips), Rear Bumper(W/O Impact Strips), Rockers come with everything I take off. The Front Bumper has skuffing on bottom minor rock chips, Rear Bumper has one small 1/2" scratch, Rockers, No Scratches. These parts are not damaged. All are Brilliant Silver (CODE 744). I have boxes to ship. Both bumpers can ship in one box, and both rockers can ship in one box.
Let me know if your interested. We can work on prices. Buyer will need to pay shipping.
I live in Jefferson City, Mo. Email: [email protected] 573-634-3794
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