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For Sale: Best way to sell a complete 1991 W126 420 SEL Parts Car?

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Hi There,

I'm 100% a newb, and not a regular part of this community, so kindness appreciated- figured this is the best place to ask where one recommends trying to sell a complete 1991 420 SEL in parts condition. It was running until it made a noise in December and now is stagnant. I'm in Portland, OR trying to help my mom sell it so she can move to a retirement community and get it out of her garage, but trying to get better than $900 for it if possible. Interior is in good condition, all switches and window motors working, although sunroof is sealed, but motor not very consistent, so kept closed.

Appreciate thoughts.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

We would have to assume the motor making a noise and now not working is the sad thing that happens to them when the timing chain guides are not changed, which usually causes the timing chain to slip and the motor is then toast. Sorry to hear that.

You might like to put up some interior pictures and a rough location to see if anyone would like to buy it for parts as a whole. When this sort of thing happens they're worth more in parts sold separately, but that depends on having space, time and the wanting or be able to pull out apart and send to people.
So as a whole is easier usually but way less profit.

If the interior is really good someone might take the car whole?

Good luck with it whatever you decide.
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