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For Sale: Best way to sell a complete 1991 W126 420 SEL Parts Car?

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Hi There,

I'm 100% a newb, and not a regular part of this community, so kindness appreciated- figured this is the best place to ask where one recommends trying to sell a complete 1991 420 SEL in parts condition. It was running until it made a noise in December and now is stagnant. I'm in Portland, OR trying to help my mom sell it so she can move to a retirement community and get it out of her garage, but trying to get better than $900 for it if possible. Interior is in good condition, all switches and window motors working, although sunroof is sealed, but motor not very consistent, so kept closed.

Appreciate thoughts.
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$900 is a good price to sell the whole car . Take it .

It’s not like anyone is going to give you $2000 for a non running car
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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