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1986 U1300L; 1976 U900 Cabriolet
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Wanted: Clutch pedal assembly with helper spring. This is used in the bigger Mogs with the heavier clutch. Not sure whether there's any difference between the LHD and RHD models. Mine is RHD. Based in Sydney and have an office in Tulsa.

1969 Unimog 404S (404 114) 6cyl petrol - Ambulance
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1969 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404s Ambulance - $12,000.00
Licensed and insured in CA

Contact me at [email protected] 4,388miles. This is a rare to find Unimog 404 Ambulance in so original conditions. Engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, all in perfect running conditions and tested over Cleveland Mountain in SoCal. It just needs a light body and paint job to restore to original. Licensed and registered in California (no need smog check). Last weekend got a trophy for Best Military vehicle at Patriots and Paws carshow.”
The only thing this Mog needs, is some light sanding and paint, otherwise ALL runs great.
I can’t do that on the driveway in front of my house, obviously!
I will love to sell it to a new owner who can have some time to full restore it since this is a unique 99% all original rare to find ambulance.
This Mog is original from Belgium Army and Imported to US by previous owner to explore San Bernadino's abandoned gold mines.
The only thing not original is it custom battery box made to fit bigger batteries.
Paint is original from 1969
Clean California title under my name. License registration up today.
All records since I bought it but no records form previous owner one year ago.
All oils changed when I bought it.
Brake reservoir replaced.
All belts replaced.
Replaced one collapsed break line.
Flushed brake system, no leaks. Brakes pad and drums looks like brand new.
Gas tanks has been removed and cleaned.
Full carb services and tuned by a specialized company, all o-rings replaced for new gasoline type.
Two brand new batteries with 5 years warranty.
I have original color matching wire harness brand new in original box imported from Belgium.
All gauges, sirens, strobe light works.
Inside the ambulance is all in great and original conditions.
I have many parts brand new to be installed such join boots, heater fan, heater hoses, all switches labels, tools box, etc.
It has an extra front bumper with an arm and winch used to drop a person inside the mines holes (crazy ah!) I planned to use that arm and winch to carry the spare tire on the back of the ambulance.
Transmission and gear box in all great condition.
I have a complete spare wheel plus one more used tire.
ALL manuals you may need to fix and calibrate everything on this Mog.

Things I didn’t have time to fix:
The only rusted areas are 2 patches of ¼x3in on each side of the cabin corners. Minor other rust patches.
Doors vinyl windows are dry and crack. I got an estimate of $350 for both canvas. Windows are very easy to remove, so you can drive the Mog without windows. Some people put plexiglass.
Unimog videos
- Cleveland
- with Samurais
- driving in LA

1700L Doka
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Complete 200 hp (est) turbo set up for om352.

Holset w1hc (rebuilt)
Exhaust manifold with egt port
Custom turbo to intake tube with boost port
IP pump (tractor gov)
Oil return tube
Oil feed hose

$3000 obo/trade
881 - 883 of 883 Posts