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Unimog 404 / 406
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<FONT FACE="Arial,Helvetica" SIZE=2 COLOR="000000"><B>We sold the last DoKa that we posted on this list, and have since gotten another one in stock. The price is $13,900 plus shipping (from Germany RORO to a port of your choice). Here are the basic specs:

<UL><B><LI>5.7 liter diesel engine, 110 HP
<LI>Factory rebuilt motor, 1,900 hours
<LI>61,000 kilometers
<LI>6 speed transmission
<LI>Torque converter
<LI>Front and rear hydraulics
<LI>Front PTO
<LI>22-ton towing package, extra air compressor
<LI>12.5 x 20 tires, 60% tread
<LI>Power steering
<LI>Drum brakes
<LI>Auxiliary lights
<LI>High air intake
<LI>Rear bed with original Unimog sides</B></UL>

For more specs and photos, go to our <A HREF="">Classic Unimogs</A> Web site. Thank you for looking.</B></FONT>


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