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For Sale: 2012 COMAND Nav Disc for 07-09 CL or S Class

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For MY 2007 - 2009 S-Class & CL-Class

Version 2012 A221 827 94 59 * BQ 6 46 0279 * V11.0

Works perfectly. If your car has the Comand update (If Birdseye works, then you're updated), then this will work without any more updates. Takes about 30 minutes to load.

Brand new condition. $50 shipped

Send me a PM if interested.
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Not trying to highjack your thread! But curious how do we find out which version is installed already?
You'd have to take it to the dealer to have them hook it up to DAS to determine the version. Or you insert the new disc and it will tell you your current version and ask if you want to update.

If you have streets in your area that have been there a few years and are not showing up in your nav, then you likely have not been updated. If your car is say a 2009, then you are likely running a version from 2007 or 2008....depending on mfr date of your car.

There really isn't any risk in buying and inserting the disc. Once you've updated your maps (if they need it), you can re-sell the disc. $50 is a lot cheaper than taking it to the dealer to determine your current version or buying a disc from them for $250+.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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