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1985 Mercedes 300 CDT 230K
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For Sale 1985 300cd turbo (coupe) $3500


I have bought a 98 BMW, and therefore will have to sell my beloved 85 300cd coupe.

Any interest here before I go local/ craigslist/ ebay...

Black with MB tex Palamino
Paint is fair... slight oxidation on roof, but looks good to me (car orig blue)
car is SC and FL car, only rust is very little amount around jack holes, and a small touch under and behind the rear wheel (not much at all, but it is there)
New Radiator, hoses
New Front rotors/ pads
New Front tires
New BIlsteins (rear)
New steering coupler
Recent Alignment
New Sway bar links (rear)
New left rear half shaft (CV axle
New front left tie rod
All fluids and filters changed recently (trans, power steering, coolant, brake, oil)
EGR bypass test in progress
Recent Diesel Purge

Needs attention:

Power antenae motor currently not operating but up. Intermintant...
Cruise control - haven't fixed it yet
A/C Cut belt off compressor when it was rubbing, may have leak as well
Rear drivers power window does not go down, all others work

Extremely reliable (as you know) commuter car (70 miles a day commute)
Getting 29-30mpg on my commute.

Not dripping any fluid on my driveway. It shows signs of sweating oil, but not leaks, drips.

Good power, smooth shifts, starts and shuts down immediately.
Rear seat back has tear across top.
Various interior trim issues (overall looks good, but far from perfect)
Two dents (one is in front of drivers door, like the door was opened into something) (the other is on the passenger door and is more of a shallow scrape that affected the paint more then the body

Let me know if you are interested, and maybe if you are not, tell me what I should ask for it....

I probably have around $4500-5000 invested so far....

Thanks all

PS I have 8 new pics of the interior. Trying to figure the best place to put them to link it here. I can email them to you for now. I have replaced the missing lower door trim since this photo as well as the front bumper rubber trim.

My email is [email protected]


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