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Sold my 2008 B170 to the first person who came to see it. Replaced it with a 2017 Nissan Leaf my cousin gave me. Not as attractive, roomy and fun as a Mercedes and no panoramic roof, which was a rare option. But in April petrol prices on our island are expected to hit NZ$4/l (US$10/gal) - that's 48 cents per km! The Leaf electricity is 3 cents per km, and because the car was free, I don't factor in the battery depreciation which is the Achilles heal of owning an EV...

I sold the 2008 B170 with 114,000 KM for NZ$6,000. An equivalent EV would be scrap value only. Indeed recently, a 2016 Mercedes B250E in immaculate condition was put on TradeMe where it sold for $2,000 because it had no battery. Compare this with a current (and identical colour/model) B250E listed on the same auction web site for $21,000 reserve not met. When you buy an EV, you are buying the battery, not the car.

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My Mercedes stable is down to an SLK R172 and G Wagon 280GE. Hope to keep both until they no longer sell petrol. The G Wagon is 41 years old and going strong.

Anyway, in the garage I have listed on TradeMe some W245 leftovers to clear if anyone in NZ needs them.

4 17" alloys with two good tread 215/45-17 tyres and two marginal. See Trade Me
1 passenger seat with good seat bottom - same as driver side to replace the leather seat bottom that cracks Trade Me

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Good luck with these items for sale "down under" so to speak. Shame to see so much B car go for so little $$ without the all important batteries.

Not all EV's are created equal as this vid shows in a fun way.....I will remove it if you don't want it here or if you prefer not to give our members a little laugh at the same time....

..AA Class solution perhaps..?

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