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I just did the rear drum brakes in my pickup and had to change a couple axle seals and a wheel bearing and its case(b/c the damned thing spun in the case). I didn't adjust the brakes after I was done because I am a moron, but I did bleed the hell out of them. When I went to drive away the brake went straight to the floor, but I was able to stop. What a weird feeling. I've never felt that one before. I had to adjust the brakes a couple more times to get the things to work correctly.

I had my old man pump the brakes like a money and I crack the bleeder so it is good now.

Just wanted to share a somewhat usefull story with the cautionary note to adjust the drums before driving away if you do drum brakes.
I just did the drum brakes on wifey's POS Cruiser. It should be illegal to sell a new car with drum brakes in the 21'st century. Really.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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