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On these lines - let me tell you what I learned from my father years back before I could even drive.

He was doing brakes on his Anglia - and we lived in a house on the top of a pretty good sized hill in NJ. Our driveway was such that you didn't come up when snow was forecast. The driveway went straight into the garage.

Long story short - he's done whatever it was he was doing - he ramped it up to change the oil - and backs it off the ramp and LOOK MA! NO BRAKES! Down the hill he goes zippity quick looking a bit like a hermit crab trying to get out of a shell while trying to stop the thing from rolling and finally he reconsiders his actions and leaps back into the car - it goes zipping down the drive, across the street over the curb before he manages to corral the car and turns it sideways in the neighbor's lawn to get it stopped.

Dramatic at the time - but still cannot tell the story without ROFLMAOPIMP. A couple of sacks of grass seed - and a few beers and laughs later all was made right.

Moral of the story - always check the brakes before you move the car.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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