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Folding Door Mirrors: Alarm connections?

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The orther day, my mirrors got professionally 'removed' by thieves off of my 2002 ML500 Sport. Full housing, the surround of the mirrors and the power cabling nicely cut. Luckily, no other damage. GBP1500 later everything is back ok, but does anybody know why the alarm did not go off when they cut the cables? The car is a US spec.

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There is no electrical alarm connection to the mirrors (and neither is there for most any other part of the car except the doors). In order to have set off the alarm, they would had to have shaken the truck enough to trip the towing sensor. I really can't believe someone would steal the mirros since removal like this would actually break them. Of course maybe they only wanted the internal parts and not the housing.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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