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foglight trouble shooting

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Ive been searching quite a bit and havent been able to locate any info on the testing procedure for the fogs. Ive looked thru the online manual links i have as well. Both bulbs good. All other lights work. Fogs will not. I was going to check for voltage at bulb but didnt get to it today but if there isnt any, which im sure theres not, then i couldnt follow the wiring far enough. Help is appreciated. Also im confused on euro and us headlights. I thought the euro were h4 bulbs. Ive got clear corners and 9004 headlight bulbs with the clear fog lens. Headlights say bosch and dot. Which lights do i have? Thanks in advance.
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Was there ever a tow hitch attached to the car? Remote alarm?
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Look for holes that have or would have been drilled along the frame rails, either side of the spare tire well.. Any you pull it yards around?
Where in Nebraska are you located? There could be another forum member near by with an unmolested car that you could look over to figure out what is OE wiring and what is rigged wiring.
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