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Fog lamp additional function?

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I was cleaning the car today and I happened to be cleaning the headlight switch. Twisted it CCW and right side markers turned on. But I pulled on it and the foglamps turned on! As if I could "flash" the fog lamps with this feature. I didn't get to try it with the engine on (see if that worked) so I was curious why the car has this feature?

Also, while we're on fog lamps: While we were searching for a TE back in Jan, we tested other cars for sale (TE also) and some of them had rear fog lamps, but ours doesn't. Or maybe it's just the bulb, but the bulb out lamp on the cluster doesn't light up if I activate it, so I would guess it didn't have this function.

I know in Europe it's standard to have rear fogs, how about in the US for the w124 chassis?
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Yep - I agree who knows if this is an inteded feature. It is still a nice little feature to know about. I'll bet you all the secret agents use this feature - LOL!
so, to get this straight, you believe that the mercedes engineers planned to have you be able to flash the foglights and only the foglights, if you had your sidemarker on. and only by turning and HOLDING the switch in the out position coz it springs back to its normal position on that side of the switch.

i can see the logic.


pocket protektor 1 vell, if ve have ze car parked on ze sidewalk, and it is voggy outside, zen ze headlights vill not provide ze adequate illuminashun. so we can have ze driver show oncoming traffic zat his car iz zere by flashing ze fog lights. (emphasis on "fog" lights for proper dramatic effect. include a waggin of finger at that point.)

pocket protektor 2 ja!!!!brilliant!!! zen ze car can still be zere tomoghow, and ze driver can still enjoy his otto mobil.

pocket proteckot 1 (excited) ja, is gut. zen, ve should design ze seat so zat it leans back so zat ze driver can sleep in ze car and warn ze oncoming traffic vith ze foglights.

pocket protektor 2 (also getting excited) ja!!! ja!! schnell!!! and ve should make sure ze seat can go all ze way back so zat ze driver can be komfortable ven he iz sleepin in ze car and warning ze oncoming traffik in ze fog about his ottomobil. i sink zis is most o sum.

pocket protektor 1 (now in a frenzy) ja, schnell. mein gott. ve can make ze controls for ze mirror in ze car so zat ze driver can turn ze mirror and not be blinded by ze traffic from behind him ven he iz sleeping. ja?

pocket protektor 2 (frenzying like crazy) directed to worker standing there looking at them wondering who is going to be sleeping in their car and warning people about thier cars presence with the foglights but only when the parking light is on schnell, schnell, do eet go, go now, do eet.
runs around arms raised, jumping and yelling "ze otto is komplete, ze otto is komplete."

pocket protektor 1. changes demeanor from frenzy to aloof and haughty. on the phone to the lead 124 engineer. ze otto is komplete. ve have added sum additional necessary safety features zat you shall not know about. price ze otto as you may. hangs up phone.

the end


dont you think that if it was intended to be a feature it would have been mentioned in the owners manual? as, get this, A FEATURE????? revolutionary thinking there i know, and it takes a while to wrap your head around once in a lifetime light bulb moments like that. but seems like thats not a huge leap in logic.

i imagine you think the car is like a video game where there are hidden features, levels and powers and so on. its not.

but, persist in your tilting at windmills. if anything, you are dogged in your determination even if you are foolish in your quest.
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I tell you - that is funny - Neanderthal, you had me laughing - I'm still laughing! Don't you understand that it is a feature only the secret agents are supposed to know about - LOL! But then again, who really cares if it was intended or not? (Other that you and Karug, that is!) My point is that his switch is probably fine - mine works the same way. I think that was the basis for his (Karug) question/concern.
Still the best laugh I had in quite a while - keep it coming.
I agree with the last two posts. But it is way cooler to consider this unintended consequence of light switch construction a super secret, double agent defeating, triple probationary flashing foglight feature.
If you have a problem with me, tell it to me directly and do not mock me. I was optimistic the w124 group would be as much help as the w123 group, but it looks like you guys are a bunch of immature kids.

You might feel you're helping me out by telling that there's nothing at the end of the tunnel for me. I appreciate that, and would have wanted a civil discussion with the group, not some mockery like you did. First, you say you're surprised it needed explaining. Well, you did not understand it at first because I mentioned that I'm fully aware of the switch functions, except that foglamp thing you're making fun of. If you really want to help, you'd say that it was an anomaly after all, but no, you let your pride get in the way and proceeded to mock me instead.

I was looking forward to a great w124 ownership via the w124 forum's help like I did with the w123, but I guess I'll have to look for help some place else. If you just resort to poking fun at things you cannot handle or explain, I guess it shows what kind of character you are.
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Karug - Please don't take any offense. I think it is really neat that you found this feature (intended or not). Sometimes forum topics get a little off and unfortunately, yours was one of them. Don't let a joking around upset you. Keep posting any questions, concerns or thoughts you have. I certainly did not ever mean any malice towards your post. I apologize if anything I posted offended you.
ooh his feelings are hurt, poor boy.

its not a feature. get it. its an unintended consequence of whatever.
you couldnt get that when more than one of us said so in very nice, very civil terms, i mentioned that i was surprised it needed explaining and here you are playing it off like i was mocking you the whole time, like i had a problem with you.

YOU WERENT LISTENING. you were busy obsessing over your new found invention, the great "feature" that mercedes had engineered in secret. think what you want of it, its not designed deliberately that way. and if that hurts your feelings then so be it.
as for my character, it doesnt like being pigeonholed by a few internet posts. it said to tell you that it says its a multi splendored multi-talented character that wishes to be judged on the merits of its whole rather than its individual parts.

oh, and it said its frequently right, especially when it comes to 124 stuff.

may your 124 ownership be long and painless. like mine.

secret agents, back to work.
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The nice part about this forum is that folks get to ask questions without fear that they will be assumed to be "thick" or that their questions will be dumb or that followup questions are wrong. The history of this forum has shown many topics that have long discussions that help folks get new understanding of their cars.

If a member wants to contribute with good information, that is always more than welcome. When a member decides to make fun of a poster or his question...not so much.

Since none of us on this board know the engineering specs of the switch, the design criteria or testing regimen that the subcontract supplier went through in design and manufacture, that point is moot.

If members want to help others with 124 questions please post away [and like Chicago elections - post early and post often] but do so in a respectful manner. If members want to throw sand, please enjoy the Off Topic Forum but remember to wear a cup when you go up there.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled enjoyment of our cars.
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I did not mean to offend or mock anyone with my post. I forgot that intent is not often transferred via the internet and that some people are very sensitive to context. I apologize
I have a 91 4Matic, and it has the rear fog light feature, it stays on at the 2nd click when pulled
My MY, the search function does

Not all, mostly Euro models only. Only one side of the rear fogs lights up, depending if it's a left or a right hand drive.
Was about to post a question as to why my REAR FOG LIGHT(not Plural) doesn't have a buddy on the otherside... lol

Bugged me so much I removed both the left and right bulb panels to check the pins and plugs...

Then I noticed that the left side is an 8 pin plug, but using 7 pins, (7th pin is the fog lite), while the right side is only a six pin plug, and in edition, the right side have no socket contact or wire for the bulb at all.

I was wondering if the previous owner changed things on this 92 300ce, but I see from your post that the rear fog light is only designed for the drivers side, how bizzare.... would have luved to sit in on that meeting when they decided that I'm sure there's a reason there somewhere..., I just can't figure why.

The extra fog light looks great on the left, but it gives the car the appearance, (to eveyone else in the world, including police), that you have a defective tail light on the right side. Besides not looking right, I don't want that kind of attention. I'm going to look into getting another contact and see if I can connect it into that circuit..

Any suggestions on the best way to do that, or pitfalls to avoid?

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I'm sure that the logic for having only one rear foglamp is this: you don't want to have two because other drivers would mistake them for brake lamps.
Exactly. And it is common on european cars.
AFAIK, one rear fog lamp is DOT regulation. in the US only emergency service vehicles can have two rear fog lamps.
That make sence

AFAIK, one rear fog lamp is DOT regulation. in the US only emergency service vehicles can have two rear fog lamps.
Just went out to look at the rear fog light output in the dimming day, and I gotta agree it's really bright, too bright to be on haphazardly. Now I know why the little red light comes on only for the rear fog, it can be a hazard to following traffic I would assume...

Good information, now I won't be turning it on unless there is a real need, and I'm not going to bother firing up the right side. Thanks for the info...

Back to this threads original topic, on my 92 CE the switch does do a spring return when pulling out the fog (and twisting left), but they don't come on. On my car they only come on when the switch is to the right and pulled out.
Fog lights are designed to not come on without at least the parking lights on. Your switch is doing what it's supposed to do. There are two other functions of the light switch as well. With the car turned off, you can make two clicks in the ccw direction. First click activates the right side parking lights, second click activates the left side parking lights. The intent is a safety feature to illuminate which ever side of the car is on or near the road when parked.

Good Luck,

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