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Fog lamp additional function?

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I was cleaning the car today and I happened to be cleaning the headlight switch. Twisted it CCW and right side markers turned on. But I pulled on it and the foglamps turned on! As if I could "flash" the fog lamps with this feature. I didn't get to try it with the engine on (see if that worked) so I was curious why the car has this feature?

Also, while we're on fog lamps: While we were searching for a TE back in Jan, we tested other cars for sale (TE also) and some of them had rear fog lamps, but ours doesn't. Or maybe it's just the bulb, but the bulb out lamp on the cluster doesn't light up if I activate it, so I would guess it didn't have this function.

I know in Europe it's standard to have rear fogs, how about in the US for the w124 chassis?
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karugs said:
Great, thanks guys. Looks like the same case with a w123 set up.

But I'm curious why pulling the knob only in that position allows it to be "flashed". Is it just my car or are other w124's like this too? Curious if my car has some issues. Thanks again...

My w124 and w126 do this "on while pulling the switch" and off when I let go. I can only imagine why its there, if you are in a narrow road and still sitting in the car and are waiting for some one you can "alert" them that you are there. When the car is off you can not "flash" with you high beams and if I remember correctly, I can not turn on my lights when the car is off. That makes it a feature, if you are in the business of sitting in your car... at night... with the engine off... waiting on people to show up.
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