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Fog lamp additional function?

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I was cleaning the car today and I happened to be cleaning the headlight switch. Twisted it CCW and right side markers turned on. But I pulled on it and the foglamps turned on! As if I could "flash" the fog lamps with this feature. I didn't get to try it with the engine on (see if that worked) so I was curious why the car has this feature?

Also, while we're on fog lamps: While we were searching for a TE back in Jan, we tested other cars for sale (TE also) and some of them had rear fog lamps, but ours doesn't. Or maybe it's just the bulb, but the bulb out lamp on the cluster doesn't light up if I activate it, so I would guess it didn't have this function.

I know in Europe it's standard to have rear fogs, how about in the US for the w124 chassis?
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They didn't design the fog lamps to be "flashable." You simply discovered a quirk that the switch has ie pulling the knob out closes the fog lamp contacts.

IT would be tough to add the rear fog lamp to a 124. I looked into this and there are a few parts that would have tobe replaced. For one thing the headlamps switch is different, for another the body wiring harness does not include the wiring, and, finally, the tail lamp bulb holder plate does not have the contacts to hold or connect to a bulb. Doable? Sure. Worth it? Probably not.
Benzkid89 said:
Ok, you guys are talking about the rear fog lights correct? Well if I am thinking the same thing dn't all W124's have them? I test drove a 93 coupe and when I was testing out the the lights I pulled the switch out 2 times and the rear fog lights were on. One of them were out but it was the first time I saw them.
All 124s most certainly did NOT have them. They may have showed up late in the 124 series but they weren't available on US market cars through at least 1988. To clarify for others, you'd turn on the rear fog lamp (there's only ONE of them) by pulling the knob out to the first "click" (front fog lamps) and then pull it FURTHER to the second "Click."
I'm sure that the logic for having only one rear foglamp is this: you don't want to have two because other drivers would mistake them for brake lamps.
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