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Thanks to the many post-ers on this forum that I have already benefited from while researching my (relatively) new car!

... also thanks to Chase bank for financing a 9 year old vehicle!

I've already got my one-way air ticket and will be driving home a 2000 Black/Oyster CLK430 cabriolet. At 32k miles, it will be significantly lower mileage than my 83 SL I sold at 260k miles.

Wish it were an 01,02,03 that have the nifty auto down/up window action everytime you open a door... but hey, it was exactly the right colors... and CLEAN.

I have already purchased a grill with star and chrome projector headlamps... and am very close to popping for the LED tail lights. Anybody out there got pics of a black w208 with LED taillights installed?

Thanks all :p
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