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Flushing ML Brake Fluid

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I have done a brake flush, i.e., removing old fluid and replacing with new fluid, on several American vehicles with ABS. I have used a MityVac. Basically, you go to each caliper and create a vacuum, crack the bleed valve, and drain some of the old stuff into a container as new stuff goes into the master cycliner reservoir. Since I am going to do all rotors and pads next weekend, sounds like a good time.
Is there anything special about the ML? An expensive power machine makes the job go faster but I do have the time so this method is fine for me. Any info or places I can get some info would be appreciated. I want to be sure that there is not something peculiar about the ML system.
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I used the following on my E last year and it worked great. I plan on using on my ML this spring.
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