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So upon wanting too replace my suspension fluid and flush it out completely from the lines and the Struts, i decided to hook a small Vacuum Holes up too the return line thats on top of the Hydraulic bottle where the suspension fluid goes in the driver side of the front hood. The way it works is unscrew the return line out from the top bottle, then pull the metal line completely out, and also pull the filter out. Now take about 3 feet of vacuum holes and connect on end to the return line that you just removed. Now take the other end of the vacuum line and put it into a empty bucket, so the holes is going down, turn the ignition on and after 30 seconds or so you should see the old fluid going into the bucket. But now before the old fluid is completely gone from the Hydraulic reservoir, start too pour your fresh fluid in the reservoir slowly. Do two bottles of Hydraulic fluid this way of flushing, while doing this you should see clean fresh fluid going into the bucket. Now turn the engine off. Connect the return line back in the reservoir by pushing it in until you hear a snap or click and twist the screw back into the top filter. I would recommend a new filter as well, there should be a black magnet in the old filter, reuse this, this is what traps the particles going through the lines. Now top your fluid up to the max line of fresh fluid, put your cap back on, close the hood and drive the car so fluid enters the lines of the system. Recheck fluid level in a day or two and if low top up if necessary. Now if your system is healthy you should not have any problems. If there are other issues well thats another day of topic. PS. I would flush your suspension fluid about twice a year, and the reason i say this is because the system is always under pressure and working so the fluid is breaking down quickly. 4 litters of Hydraulic fluid would be under $20.00 bucks a liter and your own labor, sounds like a win win situation.
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