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Flexplate/flywheel bolts. HELP!

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I just completed the reseal of the 722.3 trans in my 1987 300D turbo. I also replaced the engine rear main seal. The new flywheel bolts I got from Mercedes Benz are different than what came out. The original bolts are 12-point 12mm. The new bolts are t50 torx. Are these upgraded bolts? Superseded part? What torque setting do I use? Is the locking plate from a newer model now required? Thanks in advance for your prompt/helpful reply. Hoping I have the right parts. Really need to get this all back together asap. I only want to do this job once, correctly.


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I would check with your dealer since I think the bolts on the left are for the auto flexplate and they are stretch bolts. The ones on the right look like the manual flywheel bolts.
I total agree with your statement regarding the appearance of the bolts. I purchased these bolts prior to removing the trans and did not have mine to reference. I was assured they were the correct bolts when I ordered them. VERY frustrated. I attempted to order everything in advance so the car would be down the least amount of time. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out these bolts. I was hoping someone here had experience with this issue.

As far as checking with my local dealer, I will not be going back there unless absolutely necessary. I went there in person to order these bolts. I was in my military uniform. I was literally ignored and pushed to the side when a glitzy Barbie doll chick wanted to purchase a rhinestone key ring for her new MB. When the parts guy finally got around to helping me, he totally treated me like a second-class citizen and even rolled his eyes when he had to look up the parts.

I would sincerely appreciate a recommendation to a good internet source of MB parts.


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I went ahead and installed the torx T55 bolts. Torqued to 45nm + 90degrees. I used blue loctite too.
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