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Flexplate/flywheel bolts. HELP!

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I just completed the reseal of the 722.3 trans in my 1987 300D turbo. I also replaced the engine rear main seal. The new flywheel bolts I got from Mercedes Benz are different than what came out. The original bolts are 12-point 12mm. The new bolts are t50 torx. Are these upgraded bolts? Superseded part? What torque setting do I use? Is the locking plate from a newer model now required? Thanks in advance for your prompt/helpful reply. Hoping I have the right parts. Really need to get this all back together asap. I only want to do this job once, correctly.


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The T50 Torx are what's on my spare 104.995 flex plate, so I'd say they are the updated part. Can't imagine they would use different flex plate bolts between an M104 and an OM?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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