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flex discs charge?

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I got a quote from this guy I use occasionally to do both my flex discs for $140 in labor. Do you guys think that is reasonable? I tried to do them myself but don't have the room physically under the car with jacks so I opted out.
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What are the torque specs? It looks easy but without a lift. It's way too much
Maybe I should change the tranny mount as well then
If you do a search there is al ink on how to change them with pics. I'm changing mine because i get a vibration above 60mph and it feels like it's coming through the seats and center console. I've replaced tires, balanced, front end parts, shocks etc but it's still there so hopefully changing these and an alignment should take care of the vibration
wouldn't that cause vibrations to the wheels and through the steering wheel?
Can anyone check to see how much i need to torque the bolts on the flex discs please?
Well, went to change the flex discs with someone helping me and we realized that the discs on my car have 8 holes and not 6 like the ones I received from Autohaus.

Are the E55's different than the other models???
1 - 8 of 19 Posts
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