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FL, Daytona Beach

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(386) 252-1483

Vic, the owner and mechanic, was a MB factory tech, and has been in business 30 years. It just doesn't get any better than him. The prices are incredibly fair, good workmanship, and very friendly.
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Any repair facilties actually IN DAYTONA besides the Stealership?

Is there anyone LOCALLY IN Daytona as a good Indy? Say, for stuff you can't drive to Jacksonville/St. Augustine for? I live in Jax, and Lorenzen is on my list of places to go to! :thumbsup:

However, right now, my car is in Daytona and would like some ABC Service done on my R230 SL500 before i drive back to Jax. Thanks Guys and Gals! :bowdown:
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