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FL, Daytona Beach

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Vic, the owner and mechanic, was a MB factory tech, and has been in business 30 years. It just doesn't get any better than him. The prices are incredibly fair, good workmanship, and very friendly.
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Vic, who owns BAC. He located on Beach street, between mason ave and main st/fairview.
About halfway between the two. He is very honest, will do what you request, uses oem dealer parts or yours parts, whatever you want to do. Kind of man who stands by his work, gives you all info and options that he can think of, addresses your options and helps you make the decision. I know cause that's how he has treated me, he works on all cars but he really know Mercedes.

I can't stress this enough, the Daytona Dealership is awful and borderline or just on the legal side of criminal. Like not wanting to repair emission under 80k warranty, could hear a horrible loud rattle/whine from catalytic conv but refused to repair because the emission gases checked, Sanford dealer laughed and replace under warranty. Or, how when the satellite radio was defective, their experienced tech and service advisor said entire control unit needed replacing $1500+, didn't even share that sat radio is an add-on unit to the main control unit, I found a mecedes satelite unit only online $150, replaced unit under rear floorboard and boom, all is well and satellite radio and control unit are perfect. Either incompetent or criminal, You tell me, Daytona "Fields" dealership, or Vic's BAC? I would only go to dealership if under warranty,and not the Daytona one, drive to Sanford 35 miles away.

I think it's important to know the details, I like them when I'm doing this kind of research.
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