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FL, Daytona Beach

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Vic, the owner and mechanic, was a MB factory tech, and has been in business 30 years. It just doesn't get any better than him. The prices are incredibly fair, good workmanship, and very friendly.
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This guy is telling the truth about Lorenzen. i wanted to get on here to get his name out there but i see that someone beat me to it. I just had service done to my car by him. I found him by searching the internet for mercedes shops.

When i got there, pre-buy inspection was going to cost me $80. Now i'm a helicopter mechanic so i am thorough when it comes to maintenance. He noticed every little thing about the car (good and bad). he used calipers to measure each rotor, tools to measure the freezing point of the cooland and even used a torque wrench to put my wheels back on (thats my biggest pet-peave.) His tools are modern and complete. And even after 28 years of doing this, He still uses the mercedes manual (WIS) to do the inspection and make sure he's not missing anything.

When he was done, He only charged me $60 cause he said it didn't take him as long as he thought it would. This guy is honest and really enjoys and, takes pride in his work.

Long story short, He's knowledgable, honest, by the book, and his prices are reasonable.

Take your car to this guy!!!
Heres his info...

Lorenzen Motors LLC
110 Cumberland Park Drive #107
St. Augustine, FL 32095
Mercedes Benz Repair
[email protected]
(904) 655-9130
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Awesome, He'll definitely be my first stop. Sounds like a great Mechanic.
He is definitely a great mechanic and if your in daytona, it's worth the drive! :)
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