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Fixing leaking PS hose

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I recently pulled my engine and thought I would document some of the repairs I have completed that I couldn't find in the forum.

My power steering hose was leaking and as usual, the local BENZ dealer only had blank stares for me. I did a little research and determined the hoses on my care actually used Parker style re-usable connectors on the end. There is also a metal attachment sleeve in the middle of my hose, but I chose to not install that since my hose was not clamped anyplace at mid span so not necessary.

I got my hose from a local hydraulic shop. The guy gave it to me for free since it was so short and he used a cutoff from another job. The hose I used (and it is leak free for about 1500 miles now) is SAE100R1AT/EN853-1SN (the SAE and DIN specs). The size is a 0575 which is .5" ID and .75" OD. The hose is not shiny like the original MB hose, but free is free and leak free is great.

Tools required (once the hose is removed from car) is a pipe wrench and 14mm open end.

The write up is attached.


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Nice writeup! If I had seen this a year or so ago I would have done this job myself. Good to know.
for about $ 60 , a hydraulic shop will fix this easily .
I contacted 5 different hydraulic shops here but none would fix it for me. It took about 45 minutes to do the entire thing myself.
Nice job, Doing thing our-self give much satisfaction and confidence.
The hoses on mine are in need of replacement. Thanks for the write up, I will do this when the weather is warmer. :thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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