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The problem is when the controller temporarily shuts down a cylinder due to a detected misfire when the engine runs at very high rpms, such as when downshifting with the accelerator. The error code will identify the cylinder number.

In my case this turned out to be a bad ignition coil, where the coil could function, more or less, at lower rpms but could not keep the voltage up at high (>4000) rpms. There were also bad ignition wires on the same cylinder, which probably was the cause of the coil failure. All other coils and wires were fine.

What surprised me is that even with a cylinder firing poorly, the engine will continue to run at lower rpms without indicating a problem. I was able to avoid the high rpm problem by not downshifting hard, however, my fuel consumption was higher than normal.

After the repair, my engine is now smooth and reliable, and my fuel consumption went back to over 18 mpg on my last tank. :)

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