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91 300 E, 03 Jeep
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Ok first let me state the fine print. I have no leather care experience outside of my shoes (which I often wipe off with paper towel and some random spray cleener). That being said, I have no idea of the long term effects of my new DIY steering wheel fix. Advice used at your own risk.
Okay on to the fun part. The leather on my 91 300e was pretty badly scuffed and had some worn spots on it. Where it should be smooth and black it had greyish brown ish places on it. I tried leather polish to no avail. I had become desperate. Then last week I tried black edge dressing on it. Yes the stuff for your dress shoe heels. It looks like brand new. I just wiped the whole wheel down with a couple of coats straight off the little foam tip. Like most of my projects, before and after pics are an afterthought. LOL. The scuffs are completely covered/ filled in. The black is back. It looks much better. I am sure over time I will need to re-apply. It has been over a week now. nothing on my hands. no smeared spots. and it doesn't seem to fade or wipe off with water. At this rate even if I had to apply this stuff once a month, it may only cost me $10 for the life of the car.

Just thought I would share,

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