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Re: 93 300 SE

When you say wireing harness, are you refering to the plug wires or the complete ignition system?
Just curious.

I just purchased a 92 model last month with 144,000 miles. I paid $10,000 the car looks and drives great. I had to replace the door close assist(which you don't have to have but is nice) was able to purchase from Perfromance Analysis Company for $185.00 rebuilt with 1 year warranty phone 865-482-9175. My AC does not work yet, but the freon is full so no leaks. I had to replace the wiring harness at a cost of $575.00. These are all DIY projects and very easy to do. There is enough help on the internet to make up for no manuals. Join the Mecerdes Benz Club of America the best resource for information that you can hope to find. It costs around $40.00 per year. I would get the dealer down on the price because you will need the money to make some repairs. It is a great car. Just buy it right and do check out the AC, head gasket and radio. You will find those are real issues that you may have to contend with.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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