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1992 300SE
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I have one myself...

These cars are great but one has to be careful. With 140k, your looking at a reliable car. i shall explain. When new, these cars had their flaws. The a/c's failed at around 100k, the trans needed rebuilds no later than 120k, and the speakers for the stereo would malfunction and needed updating. With 140k on the ticker, you are looking at a great car that will not take you for a nasty ride. I am 99.9% sure that the a/c has been done, along with the trans. and the stereo, note any popping noises when you turn it on. My 300se had all these simptoms when new, and i payed the price. My trans just went at 123K miles. After this, i plan to enjoy the car without problems. I would replace the alternator and starter motor at 150k for preventative maintenance and a water pump and timing chain @ 200k. other than that the car is awesome. It is meant to be driven and enjoyed. The car is probably 13.5k because it has had all the necessary adjustments. I would go for it, ur not putting urself in a bad spot.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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