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Re: 300 se

The Bose sound system has bad capacitors, Becker and some others are selling rebuilts 400-500.
That's absolutely correct. I decided to open the Bose Amp. after the speakers started making popping sounds and other weird noises. The amp has a motherboard and 7 daughterboards attached to it. I inspected all 7 boards carefully and did not find anything abnormal. Then I looked at the main board and found two blown capacitors. I purchased several 16v 47uf Hi-temp (105C) capacitors, (they are all over the main board and daughter boards), replaced the blown capacitors and voila! problem solved. The radio performs like new.
Before doing this I had called Becker of North America and enquired about the repair cost on the amp and they quoted me something like $400 given my symptoms and based on a exchange repair.

NOTE: This is just my personal experience and does not guarantee that my advice will be suitable for your current of future problems. Use my advice at your own discretion.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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